We encourage our swimmers in the coaching section to take part in competitions.  These are held at pools across Yorkshire and our swimmers compete against children from towns and cities such as Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, Doncaster, Barnsley, Halifax as well as other clubs from York.

Graded Swimming Tables
The ASA Graded Swimming Times tables were introduced in its present form in 1980 in order to provide incentive to ALL of the swimmers in the sport. It does this by creating the means to compare performances across the many available events and across all age groups.   Graded Swimming gives all swimmers the means to measure their own personal progress, and also to compete in open competitions against swimmers of similar ability.  

The system has five Grades which are AAA, AA A and B. Everyone below B grade is automatically a C grade. For a given time, for each of the standard events and for each sex there is a corresponding Grade.  AAA Grade is approximately the same level as the National Championships qualifying times, AA grade is about Regional standard, A is about County standard, and B is good club swimmer standard, C is all other swimmers.  A set of tables has been developed which cater for both sexes, for all age groups and for all events. To determine the grade of a swim is simply a matter of comparing a swimmers latest time against the times in the table for their sex, age group and event. 

Licensed Meets 
Meets do not have to be licensed, but where they are specific ASA guidelines must be followed. Licensed Meets are graded Level 1-4.  Electronic timing must be used on level 1-3 meets.  Results from these are submitted to the ASA for the National Rankings database.  

Level One Meets: are intended for qualifying for National Championships.  Minimum entry times apply equivalent to the ASA “A” Grade qualifying times.  Pools must be either 25m or 50m long. 

Level Two Meets:  are intended for qualifying for Regional Championships, though swimmers who achieve a National Qualifying Time at a level two meet may use that time for entry into National Championships.  Qualifying Times and Upper Limit times apply. Upper qualifying time for these meets should not be faster than the National qualifying time for the respective age group.  Pool must be 25m or 50m long.  

Level Three Meets:  are intended for qualifying for County Qualifiers, though swimmers who achieve a Regional Qualifying Time at a level two meet may use that time for entry into their Regional Championships.  Qualifying Times and Upper Limit times apply.  Pool must be 25m, 33m or 50m long.  These galas are aimed at B/C Grade swimmers.

Level Four Meets:  Qualifying Times apply and Upper Limit times usually apply.  Pools must be at least 25m long. These galas are aimed at Club and B/C Grade swimmers.

Entry process
If your son or daughter would like to enter a meet they first need to be ASA Level 2 registered. There is an annual fee to pay (£18 in 2016). For further details on ASA level 2 registration contact Claire Carr on

Information regarding forthcoming meets (venue, date, times, races etc) are generally displayed on the notice board in the spectator area at the New Earswick Pool. A meet entry form needs to be completed and when completed it should be posted along with the appropriate entry fee in the black post box located in the spectator area.  Further information on meets can be obtained from our Meet Entry Co-ordinator Caroline Smith

Once the swimmer has started competing in ASA licensed events, their timings will be recorded by the ASA and are accessible from

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